20 Years of Poker Flat Remix Contest

20 Years of Poker Flat Remix Contest

20 Years of Poker Flat Remix Contest

20 Years of Poker Flat Remix Contest

20 Years Of Poker Flat – Remix Contest

Whether you are an experienced producer or an aspiring young gun that always dreamt of an offiicial remix release on Poker Flat Recordings – here is our call for the 20 Years Of Poker Flat Remix Contest.

For now there are three tracks to choose from;
Tim Engelhardt: First Contact
Hannes Bieger: Tephra
Steve Bug: Chordwalk Empire

Just click the links (in the original Remix Contest Page) and listen the original versions to make your choice.

Then please fill in the form below (in the Original Remix Contest Page) and choose the track you’d like to remix,
finally hit the subscribe-button at the bottom.

We will then send the stems in return.
We’re eagerly awaiting your remix until June 12th, 2020.

Please send your remix in 32bit wav form if possible.
Your remix does not need to be mastered. It will get a proper mastering when we pick it for release.
Please send your remix per wetransfer or a similar filetransfer service that doesn’t require us to sign up.
Send that link to the email address given on the mail with the stems.
Make sure to include your artist name and the remix title (if any).

Together with the original track artists we will pick a handful of remixes for an official Poker Flat release as soon as possible.

When taking part in this remix contest, you agree that we might release your remix commercially, but are not obliged to do so. It will remain at our sole discrition to decide which remixes we’ll release.
All remixes that we pick for the release will get proper promotion like any other official Poker Flat release, but at this moment we can’t promise a remuneration. If you win the contest we’ll get in touch and ask for promotional material like bio and photo. If you prefer to remain incognito we will respect that as well.

Here are some more conditions that you accept by entering the contest:

Create a remix at least three minutes long
Have legal rights to all sounds used in your remix
Use at least four of the stems provided
Be prepared to show project files
Finally you’re signing up to our newsletter. You can cancel your subscription at any time.
Please note that you can only sign up for one track to remix.

We are looking forward to listen your remixes!

Thanks a lot and stay in the studio.
Steve and the Poker Flat team

Link to ORIGINAL Remix Contest; 20 Years of Poker Flat Remix Contest

Feel free to promote your remix via the comments! But please remember; only post related comments!

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