Coldbeat Remix Contest - Virtual Memories

Coldbeat Remix Contest – Virtual Memories

Coldbeat Remix Contest - Virtual Memories

Coldbeat Remix Contest – Virtual Memories

Closing: June 3, 2016
Track: Virtual Memories
Genre: Electro House, Complextro
Label: Ehtraxx
Judging: Judges
Tempo: 128 BPM
Key: Emin

Prize: D16 Group Audio Software, Ehtraxx and Coldbeat have temed up to bring you this exclusive remix contest and these exclusive prizes: The grand winner gets a Sigmund plugin and a LuSH-101 synthesizer. The 2nd place winner gets any two SilverLine plug-ins (of his/ her choice). The 3rd place winner gets any SilverLine plug-in (of his/ her choice). The 3 winners will get released in an official Remix EP by B-SidEhtraxx, Ehtraxx or Coldwave Records (depends on the genre of the EP – contact us for details) with 25% of net incomes and worldwide distribution to major stores, streaming services, licensing partners and more (Over 300 partners, including Beatport, iTunes, and many more…) plus full promotional services (ZipDJ, ReleasePromo, DigitalDJPool and ElitePromo with over 1700 music professional’s e-mails).
Winners will be included on the mailing lists of the labels (via ElitePromo) and will get all future releases for free (lifetime subscription, with free/ full access to the entire ElitePromo music library) plus more chances to get their music released by the 3 labels listed above. Last but not least each of the the 3 winners will win a 75% discount code for our Bandcamp discography, which can be applied for anything there, including our entire discography (currently 202 releases, which you would get also an initial 50% discount).

Rules: All genres accepted. Open worldwide to entrants who are aged 13 or older. Entrants who are under the age of majority in their country should get parent(s) or guardian(s) permission before entering. Remixes can be posted publicly online but downloads should be disabled until after the remixes has been selected. Remixes can not be distributed for sale without the permission of Footfull and Ehtraxx. Any remixers suspected of using copyrighted material will be disqualified.

Remix Parts and Submission Method: Remix parts can be requested using the label’s contact form or using the “Follow to Download” app (you’ll have to follow some pages in order to unlock the download function). Finished Remixes must be submitted through the label’s Demo Submission Form.

Questions and Best Method of Contact: Label’s Contact Form.

Link to Remix Contest; DH Midia: Coldbeat ‘Virtual Memories’ Remix Contest



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