Darker Sounds Remix Contest 2016

Darker Sounds Remix Contest 2016

Darker Sounds Remix Contest 2016

Darker Sounds Remix Contest 2016

CONTEST DATES WILL BE 23rd OCTOBER until 4th JANUARY 2017!!!!!!!

Darker Sounds are hosting their 5th annual remix contest, you have the chance to remix Hefty’s upcoming track “Captive”.

The winning techno / minimal remixes (chosen by Hefty) will be released by Darker Sounds on an EP (including Hefty’s original mix) and will be available on digital format through the usual online outlets (Beatport, Juno etc) in 2017 – any psychedelic remixes will be released on Heftys psy label Erebos Records

Prizes for winning = a FREE copy of Darker Sounds Sample Pack Volume 5, you will be added to Darker Sounds promo list to recieve all future releases for free, 1 X Darker Sounds label t-shirt, Darker Sounds Stickers, plus many other benefits that come with being signed to Darker Sounds.

The contest will run from 23rd OCTOBER until 4th JANUARY 2017!!!!!!! which hopefully gives everyone enough time to get involved.

Contest rules:

1. Remixes in the following genres are acceptable – TECHNO – MINIMAL – ELECTRO – PSYCHEDELIC

2. Please upload your FULL remix to this group on Hearthis

3. Only ONE submission per artist, post FULL tracks, NO previews or “work in progress” – Mp3 320kbps or wav is fine, unmastered or home mastered. (WINNING ENTRIES MUST BE ABLE TO SUPPLY UNMASTERED WAV FILE) – DO NOT UPLOAD YOUR REMIX ANYWHERE ELSE (soundcloud, youtube etc)

4. Make sure you turn “DOWNLOADS” OFF!!!!!!! And please do not allow your entry to be uploaded/downloaded from social media sites or Youtube etc.

5. You MAY NOT use these remix parts again for original material OR make your remix available for download after the competition is over without PERMISSION from Hefty

5. Original track can be found here on Soundcloud

6. Contest is open to ALL producers, signed or unsigned, but we are definitely looking for new undiscovered talent 🙂

7. Please check the FB event page regularly as the rules are subject to change/revision

8. Please title your tracks like this: “Hefty – Captive (YOUR NAME remix)”

9. THIS PICTURE must be used for your remix artwork = https://goo.gl/tVPvS3


11. You have until January 4th 2016 so take your time and dont rush your remix, make sure it meets the high standards of Darker Sounds, there are no prizes for finishing early!!!

Link to ORIGINAL Remix Contest; Darker Sounds Remix Contest 2016

Feel free to promote your remix via the comments! But please remember; only post related comments!

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