DJ Spyroof Remix Competition

DJ Spyroof Remix Competition

DJ Spyroof Remix Competition

DJ Spyroof Remix Competition

Hello everyone!
Im here to let you know that im gonna organise a remix competition!
Everyone who wants to participate can make a remix of ANY of my original songs and send it over to me at ”” before 6th March (2020).

All entries will be made into one big compilation which I will later share on my YouTube channel. Please don’t upload your remix anywhere untill i’ve released the compilation to keep the surprise.

After the compilation is uploaded, the public will have a week to vote for their favorite remix. After that week I will announce the winners! The winners will be chosen by a mix of votes of the audience, me, and a friend experienced in producing.

I’ve made midi packs for some of my songs which can be downloaded from my website if you’d like to use them:

All remixes have to be turned in before March 6th 11:59 pm (CET)
What: DJ Spyroof Remix competition
When: From now untill 06-03-2020
Who: Producers and Amature producers
Genre: Any

Have fun remixing!
~ DJ Spyroof

Link to ORIGINAL Remix Contest; DJ Spyroof Remix Competition

Feel free to promote your remix via the comments! But please remember; only post related comments!

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