Drum & Bass Remix Competition 2 Bags of Grass

Drum & Bass Remix Competition 2 Bags of Grass

Drum & Bass Remix Competition 2 Bags of Grass

Drum & Bass Remix Competition 2 Bags of Grass

Modified Motion & Faction have decided it’s time to give their huge dnb track 2 Bags Of Grass the remix treatment and they want to put the parts out to all you budding producers to see what you can come up with! How often do you get the chance to remix a tune this big?! Read on for more details on our drum’n’bass remix competition for 2016.

As a team Modified Motion and Faction have been making waves in the drum and bass scene for quite some time now, their tunes are always certified dancefloor bangers, always hitting the top spots in the D&B download charts, and regularly gaining airplay from the likes of Grooverider, Hazard, Majistrate to name a few.

One of their most recognizable tracks to date has been the huge 2 Bags Of Grass, a funky swing beat number that gained anthem status at our In The Sun & In The Dam parties last the year when it was released, and this is your chance to give it a remix!


Download the stems
Create your remix, try to be original. All genres are welcome.
Save the file in 320kbps MP3 format. Use the file name 2BagsRmx_Your-Artist-Name.mp3
Email your remix to competition@innovationevents.co.uk


Modified Motion & Faction will be listening through all the submission and will be hand selecting their favourite remix on 14th October 2016

The producer who submits the winning entry will win a day in the studio with him at Modified Motion’s central London studio to learn tips, tricks and maybe some of Modi’s inside production secrets!! It will also be released as part of a forthcoming Modified Motion & Faction EP on Dynamic Audio.


Please don’t share or host your remixes anywhere. Dynamic Audio will send the winning entry to all the A-list DJ’s on their database when the remix is due for release. Any remixes we do see online will be disqualified from this remix competition.

Link to ORIGINAL Remix Contest; Remix Competition 2 Bags of Grass

Feel free to promote your remix via the comments! But please remember; only post related comments!

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