Full Flex Audio Remix Competition

Full Flex Audio Remix Competition

Full Flex Audio Remix Competition

Full Flex Audio Remix Competition

As part of the 5 year celebrations on Full Flex Audio, we are very happy to announce the start of a brand new remix competition, featuring 2 of the most popular tracks released on the record label.
‘Psycho’ by HURTBOX and DVRE, along with Madcore’s fun and energetic track ‘Retox’ are both up for remixing, and now YOU can put your own spin on the originals.
The competition ends on July 13th, 2020.


Before you download the stems to your chosen remix (or both!) below, there are a few rules to keep in mind when starting and completing your remix, those being:

  1. Any and all genres accepted (BPM and Key are provided in both stem packages).
  2. You can post your finished remix to Soundcloud,YouTube and also our Facebook group, (include the hashtag ‘#FFA5YearsRemix’ in your Soundcloud tags so we can easily find it).
  3. Any remixes submitted after July 13th will NOT be considered.
  4. 2 winners from each track will be selected, to make up a ‘Remixes EP’ which will be released shortly after the competition end date (further prizes to be announced with 5 year celebrations).
  5. You can post your remix publicly, however do NOT offer it for public download, until the winners have been chosen (you may be disqualified upon releasing the track for free download early).
  6. Remix competition entries will be judged based on the following criteria: originality, creative use of original stems, mastering/mix down and more.
  7. Competition to be judged by Madcore, HURTBOX and DVRE, as well as the Full Flex Audio owner and A&R department.
  8. As well as uploading your remix to Soundcloud, YouTube and our Facebook group, please send the full, final version of your remix to our email address (contact@fullflexaudio.co.uk) in .wav format to be considered for the competition (subject line: ‘FFA5YearsRemix_Artist Name_Remix Name’)

On behalf of the original artists involved, we cannot wait to hear what you have in store. Get creative with your remixes and let’s see what you’ve got!
#FFA5YearsRemix #5YearsofFFA

Link to ORIGINAL Remix Contest; Full Flex Audio Remix Competition

Feel free to promote your remix via the comments! But please remember; only post related comments!

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