Funkish Remix Competition

Funkish Remix Competition

Funkish Remix Competition

Funkish Remix Competition

First of all, thanks for your interest
Here’s all information involved
Trck To Be Remixed –

The winning remixes will be released in all major stores via Climactic Records.
The winning artists may be offered to become members of Climactic Records and have the opportunity to release more of their music via our distributors to
Beatport, iTunes, HMV Digital and many many other stores.
All royalties and money earned from streaming and sales from each individual remixed and released track will go to the artists involved,
which will be paid after 1 year of the release date.
Competition will end 02/08/2016, winners shall be contacted shortly after all entries are submitted and the winning remix/ers will be contacted directly

All sub genres of house remixes are accepted. The track must not have a download option for the public. The artist must not violate the rights of any third person.
The rights of the remixes belong to the artist and remixer. The remixes must not be released via another label unless therwise agreed with the artist Paul Psr Ryder

Remix Pack:
In this pack there are 24 audio samples including 4 midi lines and a txt file with contest information
Get the pack from the downloadad link on the soundcloud remix link (Below the track)

How to Submit:
Completed remixes should be submitted to this Soundcloud page
Alternatively @

Remixes should be named Funkish – Paul Psr Ryder (Artist Name Remix)”.

Contact Organizer:
Through this Soundcloud page
Facebook page

email at

For more information on all previous competitions and artist info’s and releases visit our home at

Good luck guys

Link to Remix Contest; Funkish – Remix Competition



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