Get On It - Christian Bonori Remix

Get On It – Christian Bonori Remix Competition

Get On It - Christian Bonori Remix

Get on it – Christian Bonori Remix Competition

Got what it takes to become our next Remix This champion? Enter the Christian Bonori ‘Get On It’ remix competition by October 5, 2016 for your chance to win one of two exclusive prizes.

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Christian Bonori is an Italian dj, producer and remixer appreciated on the european techno scene.
In 2000, he started his DJ career playing in various disco clubs in his hometown area.
While working as a FJ, Christian realized that he wanted to express his own musical ideas and feelings through electronic music production and engineering.

In 2005, Christian started a collaboration with Paul S-Tone, an Italian music producer with releases on Compost Records with the Streetvibes Group and past collaboration with the Black Box group.


Thanks to the support of Paul S-Tone, who builds modular synthesizers, Christian has produced original tracks that have been released on respected record labels such as FRESHIN RECORDS, KING STREET SOUNDS, SYSTEM RECORDINGS, BONZAI BASIKS,BUDENZAUBER,TRENTMUEHLE, PLUSQUAM RECORDS,

Since 2010, Christian has played in some of the most respected and well-known clubs in Italy, including: MAGAZZINI GENERALI – Milan, VOX Club, MAFFIA Club,BOLGIA Club,262Club Genova and around Europe in Riga, Dusseldorf and Vilnius @ LOFTAS FESTIVAL in 2016 together with artists like Felix Krocher,Alex Picone, Axel Karasakis, Mike Wall, Forest People, Eric Sneo, Idris D, Marco Dionigi, Chiara DC and Dj Rame.

Great artists have remixed Christian’s tracks including: FELIX KROCHER, ALEX BAU, MARK REEVE, PIG & DAN, Oliver Klein, Hans Bouffmyhre, FLUG, Da Fresh, Diego Hostettler, Forest People, Oscar Aguilera, Eric Sneo, Alberto Ruiz,Mike Wall, Cristian Varela, Krenzlin and many more to come.

Twisted Recordings


Upload your remix by October 5, 2016 to win!

Grand Prize
$100.00 (USD)
One lucky Grand Prize winner will receive a commercial release on Spotify, Apple Music, Beatport, and a $100.00 gift card. Judged by Christian Bonori.

3x Commercial Releases*
Three lucky remixers will receive a commercial release on Spotify, Apple Music, and Beatport. Judged by Christian Bonori. *not a cash prize.

Link to ORIGINAL Remix Contest; Remix Competition Christian Bonori – Get on it

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