Guantanamo Bae Remix Contest

Guantanamo Bae Remix Contest

Guantanamo Bae Remix Contest

Guantanamo Bae Remix Contest

Guantanamo Bae releases his latest anthemic and energy-filled dance/deep house single ‘I Want You to Be Kind.’ The track contains an infectious melody, driving bassline, emotion-drenched piano progression, and an angelic vocal. The single goes straight into the soothing piano progression that serves as a perfect introduction to the vocal. The track progresses to introduce the electronic elements, before diving into the buildup. As the song progresses, energy keeps increasing. The epitome of the energy is the feel-good, summer vibes, drop. Undoubtedly, ‘I Want You to Be Kind’ can take anyone into a musical escapade as it contains every feel-good and mesmerizing element for a deep house track. The single spotlights that unique sound from the golden era of EDM which everyone loves while infusing today’s pop elements.

About Guantanamo Bae

Guantanamo Bae’s (GB) prodigious power to compose innovative and superior EDM tracks began as a pastime in college that fused into publishing on streaming platforms. Garnering responses from exuberant supporters, GB turned his attention to live performances, a serious-minded craft that is as important to producing the music alone. Amid the global explosion of Electronic Dance Music, a genre that thrives almost exclusively in nightclubs and festivals of cosmopolitan cities, GB emerged from the small farm town of DeSoto, Missouri. After serving in the U.S. Navy, he relocated to New York City to attend college and the music passion began. Experimenting with GarageBand and advancing to Ableton GB., GB was able to share tracks with close friends at house parties and small club gatherings in New York City. Guantanamo Bae understands everyone’s need for a diversion from these challenges. He accomplishes this by incorporating melodic mixes and uplifting elements that is a celebration on the dance floor. With sizeable performances shows forthcoming, GB is excited and focused to carry on his rapid rise out of a small farm town to the around the globe.


For the release, Guantanamo Bae is holding a remix contest.

1st Place: 200$
2nd Place: 150$
3rd Place: 100$
All remixes will be released officially on Mac Attack Records, Guantanamo Bae’s Imprint
All remixes will be pushed on our extensive dj database, consisting of over 20.000 djs and music professionals
The remix EP will be featured on some of the biggest blogs of the electronic music scene – Huge exposure guaranteed


a) Download the pack via the Original Remix Contest Page
b) Upload your song on soundcloud as PUBLIC
c) Share on your social medias and make sure you tag Guantanamo Bae and Club Restricted Promo
c) Send us the URL of the song at:

DEADLINE; September 19th

Link to ORIGINAL Remix Contest; Guantanamo Bae Remix Contest

Feel free to promote your remix via the comments! But please remember; only post related comments!

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