Jyc Row's Remix Competition

Jyc Row’s Remix Competition

Jyc Row's Remix Competition

Hello everyone! Jyc Row’s here!????

First of all, thank you all very much: my YouTube channel just hit 1000 subscribers! That’s amazing! I never thought I could go this far and it wouldn’t have been possible without you so, again, thank you!

To celebrate that milestone, I remixed an old and famous brony song: Nightmare Night by Glaze (WoodenToaster) and Mic the Microphone. But this is not the only thing I plan to do…

Jyc Row’s Remix Competition

Ladies and gentlemen, today starts the Chrysalis’ Revenge Remix Contest!

To participate, you’ll have to send to dypfb.jyc@gmail.com:

  • A private SoundCloud link
  • A .wav download link (f.e.: MediaFire)
    The file shall be named like the following example: “Jyc Row feat. IbeConCept – Chrysalis’ Revenge (Artist name remix)”.

Of course, to remix our song, you will need some stems. (via de Remix Link)

This pack contains:

The MIDI file
The vocals of IbeConCept
The vocals of Jyc Row
The full song (.wav)

The deadline is June 1st and I’ll announce the winner on my Twitter (@Jyc_Row) and I’ll make a compilation video of the top 10 on June 10th…Unless of course there’re less than 10 remixes. Then I’ll make a top 5 or even a top 3 if there absolutely no one ahah.

Of course, there is no contest without a price… And the price is a signed edition of Alicornae EP!

I hope you’ll be a lot to participate to this contest, that’d be fun!????

Anyway, once again: Thank you all to make all this possible! I love you!❤

– Jyc Row

Link to Remix Contest; Jyc Row’s Remix Competition 



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