LiBa Remix Contest


LiBa Remix Contest

LiBA Remix Contest

With her lush style and grace LiBa enters the forum of published artists with her first single release ..(Play it for yourself) due for general worldwide release in April 2017 ..Now is your chance to get in on the action by haveing a chance to remix this great track ..

The top 4 winning remix,s will see a general worldwide release along with the single and 2 more remix,s from other remixers ..Top prize is a £50 cash prize and 50% share of the net profit made from there remix the 3 other runner ups will also recieve 50% net profit made from the sale of there remix .

The rules are very simple .The contest closes on 26th feb 2017 ..Your remixes must be loaded on to either you tube or soundcloud .You must send a link to your remix for it too be entered .All samples from the remix content we supply can only be used in a remix for this contest any content you use in your remix must be owned by you .All winners will need to sign a contract .The rights for all remixes remain the property of L.O.C Records & LiBa . All remix,s must be called .. Play it for yourself by LiBa Then in brackets the name of your remix …. You can remix in any style or genre we are looking for differant genres of remix,s .Most importantly have fun and be creative .

Link to ORIGINAL Remix Contest; LiBa Remix Contest

Feel free to promote your remix via the comments! But please remember; only post related comments!

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