Luxxury - Take it Slow

Luxxury – Take it Slow Remix Competition

Luxxury - Take it Slow

Competition Information
Here’s your opportunity to win two different prizes for this Remix Contest with Deep & Disco!
We have provided STEMS for you to create a unique remix, with your own special sound. The deadline is two weeks. The sooner you create the remix, the more likely you’ll be able to win $100 (Prize A) – and the better the quality of the remix, the more likely you’ll get an Official Release (Prize B).

Upload your Luxury – Take it Slow remix by June 1, 2016 to win!

Create a Remix from the Stems
Upload your Remix to MetaPop
Edit Remix and Link to Original Track (Take It Slow)
Promote and Earn. MetaPop will Auto-Distribute to our YouTube Channel and Monetize for you. Add your PayPal info to get paid.

Luxxury – Take it Slow

Artist Bio
After making waves in the disco community for the past two years with his controversial LUXXURY edits, LA-based producer Blake Robin (aka LUXXURY aka Baron von Luxxury) kicked off 2016 with an EP of original songs on Brooklyn’s Deep&Disco (Escort). Sounding like LCD Soundsystem, Caribou and Jungle dipped in Bee Gees and remixed by Todd Terje, the first single “Take it Slow” is heavily steeped in classic West Coast sunshine vintage disco vibes, eschewing the synths of his prior album “The Last Seduction” (Manimal Vinyl) in favor of a smooth-yet-dance-able vintage disco/funk sound. Along with keyboardist/collaborator Billy Caruso (Laco$te, Corridor) the new Luxxury sound doubles down on ’78 California: all shimmering Rhodes, dusty anti-EDM disco beats and funky bass lines peppered with blue eyed falsetto vocals provided by Robin himself. Executive producer Josh “Goldroom” Legg says “When I heard Luxxury’s first demos, I knew I had to be a part of the project.” Working towards a full length album tentatively titled “How to Be Good”, other forthcoming singles include “Breathe”, “I Need You” and “What Do Ya Really Want.” The new music is about, as Robin puts it “mature themes, simple, direct and heartfelt lyrics: dance music for adults.”
Label: Deep & Disco | Genre: Disco House 

Link to Remix Contest; Remix Competition: Luxxury – Take It Slow



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