MeldaProduction Remix Contest

MeldaProduction Remix Contest

MeldaProduction Remix Contest

MeldaProduction Remix Contest

The 1st challenging mixing contest is here and we are going to mix & master an acoustic drum’n’bass song. And well, there is a little orchestra and stuff… Easy, right? Well, we’ll see about that ;). It’s from the first album of the nu-jazz/dnb band Bitosti and you can listen to it here (no. 9, Solar). So, perhaps you can do a better job ;).

Note: Tracks “Bad idea Bass.wav” and “Piano.wav” are silent and leaked to the track set, please just ignore them :).

How does it work

Download the audio files below. These contain plain WAV tracks. Mix them in your favourite DAW using MeldaProduction plugins. When you are happy about the results, login to your MeldaProduction account and submit your mix along with the project file below. When the voting stage starts, people can listen to all mixes and vote for their favourite, hopefully yours. And we will choose the winner of the 4th prize ourselves.


  • Submit the mix as MP3 file, preferrably 320kbps. – You can use any host you want, but you can use only MeldaProduction plugins. Any other plugins are not allowed, even those your host includes.
    If you don’t own the plugins and your trials have expired, you can use the free plugins, or try a different computer where the trials have not expired, or render the mix with trial noise and send it to us along with the project via and we will hopefully be able to render it for you – we have all major hosts except for VSL, Logic X (only Logic 9), GarageBand. 
  • You need to submit your project file as well, so we can check you only used our plugins and possibly inspire from your mix. Don’t worry, we cannot really hack your computer or whatever based on your project file. 
  • You cannot record anything new, the tracks we gave you are all you have. This time we are not producers, but mixing/mastering engineers. But you can do anything to the tracks… be creative, or don’t be, it’s up to you. 
  • One entry per person. You are free to post your mix for feedback on other forums or Facebook or whatever, but once you submit it, you have submitted it. 
  • Check the deadline carefully. If you don’t make it, too bad. There doesn’t exist a single excuse in the world that will make us change our mind on this, so don’t procrastinate. 
  • No whining. This is supposed to be fun. Not everybody will agree with the winner. Just accept that fact now so we can all move on and have a good time and learn something new. 
  • Your mix must not hurt our ears. And yes, advertiements do hurt. Smashing your mix into oblivion hurts too. Other than that feel free to be creative.





Link to ORIGINAL Remix Contest; MeldaProduction 1st Mixing challenge – Bitosti



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