MUTEMATH's 'Monument' Remix Contest

MUTEMATH’s ‘Monument’ Remix Contest

MUTEMATH's 'Monument' Remix Contest

MUTEMATH’s ‘Monument’ Remix Contest

Welcome to the MUTEMATH ‘Monument’ Remix Contest! In Fall of 2015, MUTEMATH released their first album in nearly 4 years, “Vitals”, featuring the single, ‘Monument.’ The winner of the remix competition will be featured on MUTEMATH’s upcoming remix EP.

Please upload your remixes to Soundcloud and submit them to this group to enter.

You can now download the stems for ‘Monument’ here:

You can listen to the original + 2 remixes of ‘Monument’ on Soundcloud:
-Original: Mutemath – Monument
-MUTEMATH (“LaLa”) Remix: Mutemath – Monument-lala-remix
-Tim Gunter Remix: Timgunter – Monument-remix

Label your remixes as in the following example, where your artist name replaces ARTIST.

MUTEMATH – Monument (ARTIST Remix)

Please submit remixes by April 30th, 2015. All submissions must be available in 24bit sound wave or .aif with no clipping and no loudness processing. Remixes submitted after the stated date, or that do not follow the above guidelines, will not be considered for the compilation.

Good Luck! We can’t wait to hear your creations!
-Paul, Darren, Roy & Todd

Link to Remix Contest; Premiere Mutemath – Monument Remix Contest

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