Remix Competition; Swing Ninjas – My Belle

Swing Ninjas - My Belle

So lets kick things off, Freshly Squeezed are happy to announce their latest Fresh Remix Competition! We want to hear your remixes of ‘My Belle’ by Swing Ninjas.

Your remix must only be submitted to Soundcloud via our Freshly Squeezed Remix Dropbox in a NON downloadable format. You will not post your remix anywhere else without prior written permission. By downloading these stems you are agreeing to the document displayed below, so please read in full.

The competition will run from the 18th of January – 14th of March and we will choose the winner(s) shortly after.

You can (for your own personal purposes only):
• Remix the audio available in the stems
• Upload your remix to Soundcloud and submit the track’s to the official remix competition group.

You may not:
• Release for broadcast
• Publish to the general public, (Only through our Soundcloud remix group)
• Allow your remix to be downloadable through SoundCloud or any other digital platform
• Sell or give the stems(s) to anyone else
• Release for sale in any format (no commercial use)
• No use for advertising
• No use for Film / TV or any other media
• Infringe anyone’s copyright in making your mix

Happy remixing!

Link to Remix Contest; ***REMIX COMPETITION*** Swing Ninjas – My Belle

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