Remix Contest; Alex LaMark 'Chop 7'

Remix Contest; Alex LaMark ‘Chop 7’

Remix Contest; Alex LaMark 'Chop 7'

Remix Contest; Alex LaMark ‘Chop 7’

Closing: November 12, 2018
Track: Chop 7
Genre: Future House, Electro House
Label: Coldwave Records (736 Facebook Likes)
Judging: Judges
Tempo: 125 BPM
Key: Dm

Prize: Alex LaMark and Coldwave Records are looking for talented producers to feature in their next release.

3 Winners will get:
– evaluation for sync licensing (feature on TV, films, video games and more music placements) (click here details);
– Remix released in the official Remix EP;
– 25% of royalties;
– Worldwide distribution to major stores and streaming services (Including Beatport, iTunes, Spotify and many more…);
– Full promotional services (Promo pools and direct e-mails, over 2600 of the biggest DJs, radios, blogs and producers all over the world);
– Chances to get their music (Original Mixes and Remixes) released by Coldwave Records.

Rules: All genres accepted. Open worldwide to entrants who are aged 13 or older. Entrants who are under the age of majority in their country should get parent(s) or guardian(s) permission before entering. Remixes can be posted publicly online but downloads should be disabled until after the remix has been selected and remixes must be named as follows “Alex LaMark – Chop 7 (‘Artist Name’ Remix)”. Remixes can not be distributed for sale without the permission of Alex LaMark and Coldwave Records. Remixes should be posted on Soundcloud with downloads DISABLED. Any remixers suspected of using copyrighted material will be disqualified.

Remix Parts and Submission Method: Click the link to get to the correct page to download remix parts. To submit and validate your entry, post your Remix (the entire song) on Soundcloud (downloads disabled), YouTube or any of your favorite streaming services and make sure you share it on your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or any of your social media pages with the following hashtag #Chop7Contest, this way we’ll be able to track down the remixes and listen to them.

Link to ORIGINAL Remix Contest; Remix Contest; Alex LaMark ‘Chop 7’

Feel free to promote your remix via the comments! But please remember; only post related comments!

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