Remix Contest; Joel Vaughn

Remix Contest; Joel Vaughn

Remix Contest; Joel Vaughn

Hello and welcome to the “Wide Awake” remix contest hosted by Matthew Parker and Joel Vaughn. This contest is going to be epic! Your remix can be any style or genre that you choose. The most creative and unique remixes will rise to the top!
Go crazy and may the best remix win!

Download remix pack at the remix page
Create your remix
Submit your remix to the SoundCloud group
Deadline to submit is May 31 at 11:59PM CDT

Winners will be announced June 3rd by Joel Vaughn on Facebook

1st Prize:

OFFICIAL RELEASE of your remix through Dröm Records on online digital stores (like iTunes, Amazon, etc.),
$100 USD
A free download of Joel’s New album “Kinetic”
A shoutout from Joel Vaughn and Dröm on their social media profiles
A Free “Wide Awake” T-Shirt

2nd & 3rd Prize:

A Free Download of Joel’s New Album “Kinetic” & a shout out from Joel Vaughn on his social media profiles

All genres allowed.
Winner will be selected by a team including label and artist.
When uploading your remix, be sure to name the title of your remix in this format: “Joel Vaughn – Wide Awake (YourNameHere Remix)”
You may not give your remix away as a free download until winners of the contest have been announced.
By submitting your remix, you agree to give Joel Vaughn and Dröm Records the right to release and/or distribute your remix without compensation.
Stems are the property of Dream Records & Joel Vaughn, and thereby any remix submitted will be solely at their discression to release and distribute.
The master recordings (stems) may not be distributed outside of this remix contest.
You are allowed to share the remix on YouTube for promo purposes, always include artist social links & iTunes buy link, even when you share it on SoundCloud.
You may not use any T-Rex sounds or noises in your remix. Just kidding. We love dinosaur noises. Kudos to you for reading all the rules

Link to Remix Contest; Remixcontest – Joel Vaughn

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