Remix Contest Sergio Fernandez

Remix Contest Sergio Fernandez – Unforgettable Summer

Remix Contest Sergio Fernandez

You know you’re doing something very right when some of your biggest fans are also some of the biggest names in dance music. Spanish artist, Sergio Fernandez is quite accustomed to being cheered on and supported by people such as Richie Hawtin and Carl Cox. Stacey Pullen even commented: “I’ve always been a fan of Sergio’s music. This EP is special because it will be the first artist, other than myself, to be released on Blackflag since I re-launched the label in 2010.”

It’s no wonder Fernandez has such a high following, given his style that varies from exquisite house to intense tech house and a live performance that strikes a perfect balance between DJ techniques and an ability to conduct vast amounts of energy into the crowd. In addition to starting his own label, Insert Coin Records, Fernandez has also been released on labels such as Great Stuff, Suara, and Toolroom, to name only a few.

Remix Contest Sergio Fernandez

Would you like the chance to turn Sergio’s fans into fans of your own?
Then take his body-moving track, Unforgettable Summer, and remix it into something new and unique in your own style. If your track comes out on top, you could win a Point Blank Music Course and some great production software.

Be sure to enter your remix before the entry deadline on 3/21. Play on!

Link to Remix Contest; Sergio Fernandez – Unforgettable Summer : Beatport Play



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