Remix Contest; THANKS - Dizzy

Remix Contest; THANKS – Dizzy via Indaba Music

Remix Contest; THANKS - Dizzy

Remix Contest; THANKS – Dizzy

THANKS makes energetic and bouncy electronic music that draws inspiration from house, funk, soul and rock. An extensive list of influences includes Mark Ronson, Basement Jaxx, Les Rythmes Digitales, Girl Talk and Fatboy Slim. Musical chameleons who use the past to create something for the present. With the name THANKS, Anders & Anders say thanks for the music they’re influenced by, thanks to the people they collaborate with and thanks the people who listen to their music.

Now, THANKS want you to remix their debut single “Dizzy“. We bestow these dance-friendly stems upon you in hopes that you will make us dance in mad circles. Hop to it!

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May 19 – Jun 16, 2016

Jun 16 – Jun 30, 2016

Jul 14, 2016

1 Grand Prize Winner
AI TM-2 Headphones
A release of the Winning Track on iTunes and Spotify
Pro Status on Indaba Music

2nd Place Winner
AI Tracks Headphones
Pro Status on Indaba Music

3rd Place Winner
AI Pipe Earphones
Pro Status on Indaba Music
3 Popular Vote Winners

Pro Status on Indaba Music

Link to Remix Contest; THANKS – “Dizzy” Remix Contest – Indaba Music


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