Remix Contest; A Thiefs End

Remix Contest; A Thiefs End

Remix Contest; A Thiefs End

Remix Contest; A Thiefs End

How to participate?
Download Steams and remixing!
1º Release EP + Contract Artist
Closing Reception: March 31
Send your Remix
2º Release EP
Winner announcement: April 07

The past and future right now! Just raise your head and look ahead. A simple song, but it has everything you need to reflect.

All genres allowed. Winner will be selected by a team including label and artist. We will also take into consideration the popularity reached on the web by your remix. The more you promote it, the more it can catch the attention of the judges. You are allowed to share the remix on YouTube for promo purposes, always include artist social links & Spotify link, even when you share it on SoundCloud. You are encouraged to send it to blogs and YouTube promotional channels.

We’re looking for original sounds, that might even end up being played on the radio. Do you think you have what it takes? Get cracking on that remix! .

Submit your demo before March 31, 2016 8:00 PM CET.

Link to Remix Contest; A Thiefs End



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