Remix Contest Van Dexter - Daddy

Remix Contest Van Dexter – Daddy

Remix Contest Van Dexter - Daddy

Remix Contest Van Dexter – Daddy


1. Music genres:

· For this specific contest we accept all electronic music genres.

2. Wo can participate in the contest:

· Everyone aged 18+ may take part in our remix contest.

· The contest is open to all producers worldwide, signed or unsigned at any Label.

3. Where can I post a snippet of my remix?

· You are allowed to upload a 2-3 minute preview of your remix (Snippet) onto Soundcloud. Please be sure you DO NOT have accidentally the feature “download” enabled, we will not accept such tracks!

· We do not accept any tracks uploaded to other music hosting services such Hearthis or others.

· We would like to repeat that tracks that have been published on Soundcloud in full length will NOT be accepted!
(max. 3 minutes)

4. Can I share my track after the contest?

· Once the contest is over, it is legally forbidden to publish and/or share your track.

· It is also legally forbidden to send your track to another Label.

· Remixes may not be distributed for sale in any form as the rights belong solely to NEUROTOXIN COBRA RECORDS

5. Do I have to master my track?

· In case you are one of the contest winners the track will be professionally mastered by one of our audio engineers for free.

6. Can I use samples/midi files provided in the sample pack for other tracks?

· No, this is strictly forbidden

7. Who will select the contest winners?

· The winning tracks will be selected by the NEUROTOXIN COBRA RECORDS staff.

8. Where will my track be published in case of win?

· Your winning track will be published on a Remix EP containing the best remixes.
They will be available for sale worldwide on all major stores such as Beatport, Junodownload, iTunes, DJTunes and many others.

· Some tracks may also be published on our compilations.

9. What will I get if my track is selected?

· In case you are one of the contest winners you will get a Remixer Contract at Hard B!tch Records.

10. What does the original track sound like?

· Use this link to access a preview of the track on Soundcloud

11. How should I name my track?

· Please name your Remix:

VAN DEXTER – DADDY (Remixer Name)

12. In which format should I send my remix?

· We accept only WAV 16 bit Files.
Please use a File Transfer Service such as or and send your file to the following mail address:


13. I am one of the contest winners, what should I do now?

· Please contact NEUROTOXIN COBRA RECORDS via email

14. Where can I download the Remix Pack?

· Check the Original Remix Contest Page!

Start of the Contest: 19/09/2016

End of the Contest: 05/11/2016

Link to ORIGINAL Remix Contest; Remix Contest from Van Dexter – Daddy (via Facebook)

Feel free to promote your remix via the comments! But please remember; only post related comments!

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