Remix Contest Verna Hark - Sparkling Blue

Remix Contest Verna Hark – Sparkling Blue

Remix Contest Verna Hark - Sparkling Blue

Remix Contest Verna Hark – Sparkling Blue

Verna Hark is a three-piece synth pop band residing in Oxford. Inspired by synthesis, poetry, film and literature, Verna Hark creates vocal driven cinematic synth music with melancholy undertones. Verna Hark’s lyrical and composed content considers cinema and the cinematic to create narrative scenes focusing on a mix of weird and cliche to achieve an odd pop hybrid.

Now Verna Hark want you to remix “Sparkling Blue”. Take these breathtaking stems and show off your own unique sound! Please note this song is in 7/4, so you might have get crafty with your remix.

Creative Brief
Verna Hark is looking for remixes of their new song “Sparkling Blue”.
You must use at least one of the provided audio samples to be eligible.
Do not include any material that you do not have the legal right to exploit.
More votes will not make your submission more likely to win the Grand Prize.
The judge(s) will be picking the winner based on musicality.
The song’s time signature is 7/4.

Nov 7 – Dec 7, 2016
Dec 7 – Dec 21, 2016
Jan 4, 2017
Grand Prize Winner
  • A promotional release through Verna Hark’s website
  • Feature on all of Verna Hark social properties
  • Royalties from any licensing placements
  • Pro Status on Indaba Music

3 Popular Vote Winners

  • Pro Status on Indaba Music

Link to ORIGINAL Remix Contest; Remix Contest Verna Hark РSparkling Blue

Feel free to promote your remix via the comments! But please remember; only post related comments!

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