Remix Dadi Freyr

Remix Dadi Freyr

Remix Dadi Freyr

Remix Dadi Freyr

Icelandic artist, Daði Freyr, is looking to officially release a remix of his hit single, “Think About Things”! Constructed with quirky synths, energetic percussion, and an extremely catchy chorus we’re excited to see how creative you get in the studio.
If you recognize Daði’s name or the track, then you probably have seen it trending all over TikTok, accompanied by its now-iconic dance routine! Since the blow up of the release, the song has already accumulated over 30 million Spotify streams and grabbed the attention of some of the world’s leading pop tastemakers like P1nk, James Corden, and more.
Be sure to submit your remix by August 25th, the grand prize winner will receive an Official Release, Adam Audio T8V Studio Monitors, soothe2 by oeksound, Serato Sample, a KB Covers Keyboard Cover, a SKIO Pro Subscription, and more!
IMPORTANT NOTE: Remixes may ONLY be shared on SKIO Music, YouTube, Soundcloud, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.
To help us keep running contests, please do not upload your remix to any commercial platforms like Spotify or Apple music… Don’t ruin it for everyone. 🙂
Happy Music Making!

Submissions; Jul 17 – Aug 25
Judging; Aug 26 – Sep 13
Winner Announcement; Sep 14

Grand Prize

Official release with distro to major outlets
Adam Audio T8V Studio Monitors ($599 USD)
soothe2 by oeksound ($199 USD)
1 Year SKIO Pro Subscription ($240 USD)
Serato Sample ($99 USD)
1 on 1 Mentor Call w/ a SKIO A&R (15min)
Video clip from Dadi Freyr congratulating winner and remix
Artist merch pack
KB Covers Keyboard Cover ($30 USD)
Support from Dadi Freyr on socials

…..and more…..

Link to ORIGINAL Remix Contest; Remix Dadi Freyr

Feel free to promote your remix via the comments! But please remember; only post related comments!

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