Remix Kris Cayden & Bio Bane

Remix Kris Cayden & Bio Bane

Remix Kris Cayden & Bio Bane

Remix Kris Cayden & Bio Bane

Interested in remixing Kris Cayden and Bio Bane’s “Atomic Shotgun” track?
Now you can as The Riddim Network, Kris Cayden, and Bio Bane have all teamed up to give artists the opportunity to remix it! Although it won’t matter to us what the genre of your remix will be, we highly encourage you to be creative and original with it. Also, the song key is B Major / G Minor (Relative Key) and the BPM is 150.

– Email your Final Remix to

– The Deadline is September 15th – Winners will be announced the 22nd

– If you post your Remix to Soundcloud, The Riddim Netowork, Kris Cayden and Bio Bane, Must be in the download gate or you will be disqualified.

STEMS: via de Original Remix page

Create an account on The Artist Union and then import your remix from SoundCloud.
Make sure that The Riddim Network, Kris Cayden, and Bio Bane are all in the download gate.
This can be YOUR chance to gain the recognition that your music deserves, so don’t miss out as the deadline for all remix submissions is September 15th! The winner will then be announced on September 22nd. Good luck to everyone!


1st Place Winner will receive:
– Repost to a 500k audience
– Bonus Feature on The Riddim Network
– Riddim Network shirt
– Kris Cayden Shirt
– Bio Bane Shirt

2nd Place will receive:
– Repost to 250k audience

3rd place will receive:
– Repost to 100k audience

(All winners will ALSO receive a spot on the Atomic Shotgun EP)

Link to ORIGINAL Remix Contest; Official Riddim Network Remix Competition

Feel free to promote your remix via the comments! But please remember; only post related comments!

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