Remix Marshmello and Fly to Camp Bisco

Remix Marshmello and Fly to Camp Bisco

Remix Marshmello and Fly to Camp Bisco

Remix Marshmello and Fly to Camp Bisco

It’s the song that surprised fans worldwide from the artist everyone is talking about. Already in the millions in accumulated streams and downloads, “Alone” from Marshmello brings the Monstercat Family together with the #Mellogang. And now it’s your chance to put your own spin on this richly melodic track!

Buckle up, and bring your best. The Grand Prize Winner not only gets their own Monstercat release, but also a chance to play an opening DJ set at this year’s Camp Bisco! Fly in on a BLADE helicopter, and leave a star!

The stakes have never been bigger – this is your chance to live out your dream in front of thousands of fans. You’ll be competing against some top talent who want this chance as much as you do. Everyone has a fair shot, so show us what you got. Good luck!

June 3rd, 2016

July 4th, 2016

July 8th, 2016


A chopper with Mello

Fly in with the one-and-only Marshmello on a helicopter trip directly to Camp Bisco! The ride arranged by BLADE also comes with a 300-dollar travel stipend

Opening DJ set at Camp Bisco

An opening DJ slot on one of Camp Bisco’s stages is all yours! It’s your time to shine!

A Monstercat Release

The winning entry gets their remix officially released on Monsterdcat – welcome to the Family!

3 Camp Bisco Passes

The most voted-on remix from the Community will win three GA Camp Bisco passes with camping.

Link to Remix Contest; Marshmallow – Alone Remix Contest (via Splice)



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