Remix Splitbreed - Pain

Remix Splitbreed – Pain via

Remix Splitbreed - Pain

Remix Splitbreed – Pain

The Hip Hop and Electronic Dance Music infused trio Splitbreed consist of Taui, Kalani, and Bg3nius from Hawaii and Las Vegas. Splitbreed follow up their successful genre bending album, Mile High Pt. 1, with their brand new pulsating single called “Pain” featuring vocalist and collaborator Jonate.

Splitbreed are providing the Blend community all of the stems for “Pain”. And the opportunity to remix for a chance to be featured on the official remix EP on the Blend label out later this year.

Make sure to publish your update by August 5th to be considered for the official release, and Splitbreed look forward to hearing what your reimagined versions will sound like to help contribute to their diverse catalogue of music.

Link to Original Remix Contest; Splitbreed invites you to Remix “Pain” 



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