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Remix Tommy Hittz

Tommy Hittz, a Grammy-nominated music producer & ROLI Seaboardist known for his signature production work with notable artists including Pharrell Williams, The Lonely Island, Cee Lo Green, Kehlani and Chris Brown, is releasing his hot new single featuring 18 year old singer Mike Sabath “Come Away/Paradise” today on the Blend Label.

In celebration of his new release, Tommy is sharing some free samples from his exclusive sample pack created with ROLI’s Multidimensional Software Equator using the Seaboard RISE for fans to remix and win prizes from MeldaProduction along with his new sample pack.

Tommy shared “I use the RISE in different parts of my creative process. Finish beats, program drums, sound design, playing with chords and melodies, everything. Creative stuff. It’s innovative and eliminates the barrier between touch and sound. I can’t wait to see what they come up with next!”.


Simply go to his profile, pull Tommy’s project, remix his track, and publish your update by September 12th to be entered to win. Tommy will listen to all of the submissions and select 3 winners to receive the following:

  • First Place Winner: MAutoDynamicEq from MeldaProduction & A copy of Equator by ROLI, The Complete Equator Tommy Hittz Sample Pack plus Bonus Sample Packs!
  • Second Place Winner: MMultiBandRhythmizer from MeldaProduction, A copy of Equator by ROLI & The Complete Equator Tommy Hittz Sample Pack
  • Third Place Winner: The Complete Equator Tommy Hittz Sample Pack

Make sure to check out his new single “Come Away/Paradise” on the Blend label, and enjoy collaborating with Tommy’s new samples made using Equator. We would like to thank everyone at MeldaProduction and Tommy Hittz for participating in this contest. Can’t wait to hear your remix!

Link to ORIGINAL Remix Contest; Tommy Hittz Invites you to.....

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