Shambhala's Music Festival Remix Contest 2016

Shambhala’s Music Festival Remix Contest 2016

Shambhala's Music Festival Remix Contest 2016

Shambhala’s Music Festival Remix Contest 2016

Sol*selectas Recordings, Sabo, The Living Room Stage and Shambhala Music Festival are proud to announce their official remix contest for 2016!

From Sabo’s debut album, Vibe Quest – the track “Mind Dub” is offered as a free download stem pack to any and all up and coming producers around the world. Download the pack here.

The second option will be from Sol*Selectas artists and Shambhala regulars, KMLN – aka DJ Shawna & Christopher Tooker – who have offered up the stems to their forthcoming track “Sabilu” for remixing purposes. Download those stems here.

Competition starts June 1, 2016 and finishes July 15, 2016. Winners to be announced by July 19, 2015. Be sure to read up on the full set of official rules regarding the remix contest and use of licensed material here.


  • Official release of your remix on Sol*Selectas with worldwide distribution
  • An ARTIST PASS with Artist Camping to the 2015 Shambhala Music Festival
  • Your track played exclusively by Sabo at Shambhala Music Festival 2016 on a massive PK Sound System


We are offering you the chance to remix: “Mind Dub” by Sabo, or “Sabilu” by KMLN – both on Sol*Selectas Records.

• Listen to the originals here: “Mind Dub” // Sabilu

• Download the stem packs (“Mind Dub” stems // “Sabilu” stems) and create your remix, see the contest rules here for details on using sampled material etc.

Send submissions to: between June 3rd, 2016 and July 12th, 2016 12:00 am PST.

• DO NOT ATTACH YOUR MP3 TO THE EMAIL: Please send a direct download link using a service such as Dropbox.

• ENSURE YOU INCLUDE THE FOLLOWING: Direct download link to the MP3, your full legal name, age, mailing address, phone number, and email address.

Link to Remix Contest; SMF2016 Remix Contest with Sol Selectas – Shambhala Music Festival



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