‘Smash’ Remix Contest Full Stop Records

'Smash' Remix Contest Full Stop Records


‘Smash’ Remix Contest Full Stop Records

Full Stop Records is offering again the chance to be noticed and have your remix released on the label!

DJs and producers from around the world are invited to remix the hit ‘Smash’ by Dario Synth and Simon Dekkers.
Listen to the original track here! -> http://bit.ly/1lLsCMt

Please, think outside the box and surprise us! We’re looking for a well produced, creative and fresh remix to release.
All music genres are welcome!

DEADLINE: 31h January 2016 [= now March 1st]

All samples are 128.0 bpm

_The key of the track is “D minor” (Dm)

_Upload your remix on SoundCloud in public mode (don’t allow the download) and then submit it through the demo form –>http://bit.ly/1NgcWfZ
ATTENTION: We will consider ONLY the remixes submitted through the demo form, but if you want, IN ADDITION TO THE FORM SUBMISSION, you can share your remix with others simply posting the link as a comment on SoundCloud here –> http://bit.ly/1T9UbtG

_Don’t use these samples to make your own tracks, they are copyrighted!

Due to your several private requests to get extra time to complete your remixes, we want to inform you that we have decided to move the ‘Smash Remix Contest’ deadline on March 1.
If you have already submitted your remixes now you have extra time to equalize and master your track better than the old submitted version. Good luck and thanks for your attention!

Link to Remix Contest; ‘Smash’ Remix Contest Full Stop Records

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