Starkato - I Hope You Care remix competition

Starkato – I Hope You Care remix competition

Starkato - I Hope You Care remix competition

Starkato – I Hope You Care remix competition

Welcome to the Starkato – I Hope You Care remix competition!

Often regarded as one of the most naturally talented producers in the scene, Starkato returns back to the fold on Somatic Records.

After releasing numerous EP’s & tracks over the years on the label we are delighted to announce Starkato will release his 1st studio album with us in the winter.
To celebrate we are releasing 1 track from the EP ahead of the album with remixes from your favourite Somatic artists and YOU also will have a chance to have your remix be part of this special release

Starkato had this to say about the competition – ‘ Firstly, best of luck! – I want you, the creator to be as imaginative and creative as you can be when starting this remix. Have a listen to the kind of music Somatic has put out this year to give yourself a feel of the sound we like, but dont be scared to show your true style – both myself & the Somatic team will be choosing the winner! Good luck!’


* Only 1 remix submission per Artist
* All submissions must be sent to with a PRIVATE SoundCloud link.
* WE WILL NOT download any links sent to us.
* We accept mp3 / Wav for submission purposes only ( Winner will provide an unmastered Wav -6db when requested )
* All stems are owned by Somatic. You MAY NOT use these remix parts again for original material * Remixes can NOT be distributed for sale WITHOUT the permission of Somatic Records
*Competition closes AUG 31st
* Winner will be announced on SEPTEMBER 4TH on our social media platform & via email

If you have any questions / problems downloading files please email us at

Winner will receive:

* A place on the upcoming single from Starkato called ‘I Hope You Care’
* Remix to appear as a premiere on 1 of our promotional partners via Soundcloud/Youtube
* Somatic Merchandise
* All future promo from Somatic / SMTC Underground
* A chance for their own full release on SMTC Underground

Link to ORIGINAL Remix Contest; Starkato – I Hope You Care remix competition

Feel free to promote your remix via the comments! But please remember; only post related comments!

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